Monday, March 19, 2018



We are all waiting for something. We are all waiting for the one thing to make everything fall into place the way we have dreamed. We are all thinking that if we just wait long enough then something great will happen. Will it?

Ever seen the movie "As Good as it Gets" with Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear? It's a really good movie. At one point Jack looks at all the other clients at the counseling center and says, "What if this is as good as it gets." What if his words are true? What then?

I am waiting patiently, without my usual dose of sugar, I might add. Read a previous article about the no sugar kick. I have listed some cards I enjoy making on Etsy and I can't wait to get that first customer. I have lookers, but no buyers as of yet. I look multiple times a day to see the dashboard change to say I have an order. I can't wait! I haven't gotten one yet, though. :-( But I will! I have some really cute cards. I'll be happy to entertain your needs with my cards!

Seriously, waiting can suck sometimes. People play on their phones now, while waiting in line, at the doctor's, or even in restaurants. They use the phone everywhere! We all have our favorite games we play while waiting. I need to check my dragons, by the way. I'm in some race on my dragon game. I need to win so I can get a new dragon only available with a gazillion or so gems or through this game. Waiting... I must keep waiting!

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for a check? We ALL want that one! Lots of people are waiting on refund checks at this moment. They are waiting for the check so they can take a vacation, buy a car, pay a bill, or buy that huge flatscreen for their tiny living room. It will be such an incredible size their neighbor will suddenly start sitting outside in the evenings to drink his tea and eat popcorn because he can see it from his deck! Maybe he will get a universal remote and watch it even when the neighbor's out.

I'm waiting. I guess I will continue to wait. Nothing comes from being too anxious!

Peace and Love,


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sugar kick!

As I sit here writing, I am thinking of how much sugar I used to consume while writing. I have gone a month and 3 days with no extra sugar of any kind on anything. No candy, no cokes, no cake, nothing with sugar. I am AWESOME!! LOL!! It is amazing just how much sugar we consume without even realizing it! My son had a soft drink the other day and happen to notice it had 77grams of sugar and 77grams of carbs in it. Wow!!! For a diabetic that equals shock! For a non-diabetic maybe you just gave it to yourself! Does a person really need that much sugar? Well, that kind of depends on some things about you.

I have a history of diabetes. I had gestational diabetes and told that I probably had the beginning of Type 2. Well, great. I thought I couldn't cut out ALL sugars, but I have! It is lent season and I've never restricted myself during lent. However, I decided this year to really do something in honor of lent and God. I gave up sugars. God helped me. My boyfriend has helped me, as well. He's eating less sugars, but not a complete give up for him. My son has not given up sugars either. This is a personal thing that you have to want to do for yourself in order to do it. Without that desire to go without, you will find every excuse possible to eat it. 

What's been the hardest thing for me? Coffee without sugar. I love coffee. I think half of me is made of coffee, not water. Nope, I bleed coffee. I used to put 2 rounded teaspoons--not measuring teaspoons, but the spoon that comes with the sugar jar--into each cup of coffee. Not bad if I only had one cup of coffee per day. No, try 4 cups of coffee per day. I told you, coffee aholic here! So, that was mucho grande of sugar every day. Not to mention how I love to make pastries. Yum!! I am sure my neighbors miss my baking! I used to bake all kinds of things and take them a treat. Not lately. 

So, I am completely sugar free. I feel better. My skin feels better. I am sure my wallet appreciates no runs for candy! I cannot, however, convince others to kick the sugar habit. That's on them. I wish I could rub off on people! I can't. Do I miss sugar? Yes, I do sometimes. Until I rub my face and feel the difference in how my skin feels now compared to how it used to feel. My clothes fit better. I can breathe better. I don't want sugar like I used to want it, not even in my coffee. We will have to talk about those sweetners I use on another day. ;-)

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I want cookies today!

Why are we in a society where churching is frowned upon? I know perfectly good people who do not attend church. I have been there! I have been asked to leave churches due to misunderstandings. Still, God knocks on my head and says, "Get up and go to my church! You've got to help people; and, I can help you with this mission." I listen now and get up and go. I get my son up from his slumber and tell him to get dressed. We meet up at my boyfriend's house and climb in the car with the family and head to church.

I go to church every Sunday. I take my son and go with my boyfriend and his family to church at 9 AM. We have an early service because our preacher has to divide her time between our church and a sister church. After the 9 o'clock service we have Sunday school, complete with snacks. Our church is not fancy. We have a fireplace in the room where we have Sunday school. It is beautiful! God was smiling at it being so pretty this past Sunday when we used it. 

I attend a tiny little church. Usual attendance is around 12-15 people, including the preacher. My family tells me that they used to have a much larger congregation until they were assigned a female preacher. Half the people left our church. Then the next season, the church received another female preacher and the congregation was again divided with half of them leaving to attend a church pastored by a man. I am pretty sure that God speaks to men and women; therefore, what difference should it make whether we have a male or female as our preacher. Do you think God looks down and says, "Nope! Not talking to that person today. It's a FEMALE! I made her, but I refuse to talk with her. She sucks at speaking for me. Where's a man I can talk to?" I don't imagine God doing that. I think if he wants a message sent by his messenger, he will use whoever is available. 

I want peanut butter cookies! I have been kicking the sugar thing for lent and I have gone a whole month today with no table sugar! Woo hoo! But I really want some peanut butter cookies, the cookies I like to make. Ohhhh, I have to fight this one down! No one needs to put a cookie in front of me today! No stopping at my Subway today where the manager looks at me and tells me, "My cookies miss you," when I skip the evil things! Ohhhhhhh!!!! It will be fine. The desire for cookies will pass. I just have to keep on keeping at it! Too much diabetes in my family gene pool to go back now. I have to keep on keeping on with the no sugar or I won't make it to 110 years old.

Peace and Love my friends!